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Mr. Antony
Mr. Antony


Mr. N P Antony is the Managing Director of Kalady Rice Millers Consortium Pvt Ltd. Hailing from a family that is in rice farming and milling for over two decades, he is the managing partner of a couple of rice mills presently and Managing Director of Pavizham Healthier Pvt Ltd., a company that manufactures and distributes rice and value added products from rice. He is very keen in developing the processing industry of paddy in the State. Besides a solvent extraction plant to extract rice bran oil, a rice bran oil refinery sanctioned by Department of Small Scale Industries, Govt. of India is also in the anvil. The future development programme includes units to produce cattle feed, silica from rice husk, Power generation using rice husk fired gasifier and ready to eat rice based snacks and drinks.
Envisaged by the need for developing the critical human resource required for the rice milling and processing industry he has set up SMART, a skill up-gradation and training centre that offers avenues for unemployed youth not only in rice milling and related areas in Kerala but also in middle-east. He is the President of Kerala Federation of Industrial Clusters that encourage cluster formations by providing total solution to set up and develop clusters in the state, which is another area of his interest on SME development His wife Ligi Antony is a good supporter of all his endeavors, besides adorning the post of Manager and partner to many of his ventures.

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Industry Exposure

Mr. N P Antony was born in an agrarian family of moderate means. Soon after his college education and securing an industrial certificate in welding he teamed up with his brothers and father helping them in their Rice-Milling activities which they had started as a secondary option. Later he started running Rice Mills on rental and lease basis. Pondered over Modern Rice Milling possibilities he went in for Locomotive boilers replacing the cauldron boiling. He pioneered the steam drying process and colour sorting in the industry. Initially he became partner in the existing family venture and later set up manufacturing units independently in partnership and in association with the siblings and other family members.

He experimented with direct sale to retailers setting up a marketing outfit for Nambiyattukudy group of companies as an alternative to the distributorship and dealership. Diversified value added products like Rice Flakes, Rice Powder etc. to broken rice and broken wheat were his initiatives.

In order to explore more green pastures and state-of-the-art technologies he visited China and Singapore and adapted latest concept and technology in packing and printing which helped his business group to push the turn over to Rs. 25 Crore within the span of a decade, from 1995 to 2005. He played the key role in forming Kalady Rice Millers Consortium Pvt Ltd under cluster development Programme of Government of India in 2003 and successfully put up a Rice Bran Extraction Oil Plant for the consortium within a period of six months. This plant was later got inaugurated by Shri. Subodh Kan Sahai, the then Hon Minister of Food processing, Govt. of India.

Organized an exhibition titled as Rice farming and Milling show 2005 for 3 days commencing from 27th 0f December to 29th. Seminars on agriculture revival in the State of Kerala were held in Pattambi and Kalady. Eminent scientists and experts in Agriculture and farming presented papers in the seminar. The seminar conclusions were submitted to the government, which is under examination.

SMART, a training arm of KRMC, for skill and personality development was set up under his leadership. Training programmes have been successfully conducted by this institute in association with EDI Ahamedbad in growth through exports and along with SISI Thrissur in boiler attending.

Even though he had to strive through many challenges and snags in the industry like the technology barriers, bureaucratic apathy etc., he accomplished in facing them with his resolution and foresightedness to drive the mission into success.


He became the Managing trustee of Nambiyattukudy Pappachan Memorial public charitable trust . As Managing trustee extended helping hand to the needy especially to orphanages and old age homes.
He initiated a drive to carry out complete renovation of sanitary & toilet facilities in Municipal Hospital Perumbavoor and revamping of the Operation Theater. He was elected as President of Red-Cross Society, Perumbavoor and organized blood donation camps under his leadership.

Recognitions & Awards

The development works of KRMC got National and World acclamation when Mr. Winston Cox, Deputy Secretary General, Common wealth visited the consortium and lauded its success. Received the Best Entrepreneur Award for 2003-2004 for NAI (Nambiyattukudy Agro Industries, where Mr. Antony is the Managing Partner and received MKK Nair Productivity Award for 2005 for the same firm.

On Leadership

Mr. Antony possesses strong leadership qualities which is the driving force in all the achievements bagged by his business establishments and taking the same to the new heights. As a man capable of handling stress, he has a self-esteem and self-confidence to ride out of any situations and circumstances.

He has a vision which proposes a future better than the status quo. Also he is able to clarify and state his vision in terms that are easily comprehensible to others. This articulation demonstrates an understanding of the followers’ needs and, hence acts as a motivating force.

He spends time with those below and the hierarchy to go through and understand with all problems and circumstances. He is a leader who understands the needs and characteristics as well of the each staffs and laborers. This, in his words, helps him to deal with each person as an individual, to treat that individual with respect, and to help the person grow.

Being strongly committed, and willing to take on high personal risk, incur high costs, and engage in self-sacrifice he can easily achieve his vision. As a businessman, he often go through stressful situations, but control and limit the impact of stress not affecting his day to day activities.

He holds together all his subordinates to make a strong team, takes all effort encouraging them to bring out the most efficient from them and allow them to grow mutually.
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