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Formed in 2003 the main objective of the company is to establish, run, assist and manage production centers, research and development centers, factories, common effluent treatment plants, exclusively for the benefit of rice mill owners. It includes scientific and technical research of extraction of edible oil from rice bran and other Agro products. And to provide assistance in raw material procurement, common ware housing, standardized quality control, and marketing facilities in India and abroad.

The plant makes a value addition of Rs. 3000/- per M.T of rice bran processed and each member mill that supplies the bran stand benefited accordingly.A well-equipped modern testing lab was set up in March`05 that provides for testing of oil content of rice bran, besides quality checking of other rice products as well.A 40-tone weighing bridge installed at Mattoor is a common facility for rice mill owners and also for other industries like ply wood, iron and steel, building materials etc.A Mill store that also started functioning from March.2005 provides quality spare parts for the rice mill industry and allied sectors. The bulk purchase of spares and tyres from the manufacturers enables the consortium to sell on meager margin and there is a 10% margin on purchases from the Mill store vis-a-vis the open market rates.The Institute was set up to provide short duration training programme in skill upgradaton & management by objectives. . These programmes benefit those in Rice milling, food & Agro processing, marketing and sales etc.
KRMC used to conducts exhibitions and seminars focusing on Modern Rice Milling and Traditional Cultivation, covering different themes in association with various government authorities like Energy Management Centre, Department of Factories and Boilers, Kerala Agricultural University etc. The consortium also held skill oriented programs and workshops on different subjects like modern techniques on rice milling, paper bag making skills, Value Addition to Rice and Rice Products and also boiler attendee’s seminar.
RBO is a healthy cooking oil with the best balance of high mono fat, able to lower cholesterol and poly fat, which contains Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). The world is now waking up to the excellent health benefits of this low-fat oil, when compared to other commonly used cooking oils - and Vaigai seeks to lead the way in the manufacture of crude rice bran oil for the manufacture edible rice bran oils.
We provide consulting, engineering, techno-economic feasibility studies, design, construction, and implementation of rice processing facilities.We are leading technical consultants for the rice milling industry based in Kerala with over 15 years of experience, trained manpower and the latest know-how in rice milling technology from leading manufacturers.
We offer complete comprehensive solutions for your rice processing needs for the following projects:.

  • Rice Milling
  • Automation
  • Modernizaton
  • Contract Running

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